Myra Phipps is a board certified Family Practice physician and Functional Medicine provider who is excited to join Mountain Movement Center. After graduating from Emory School of Medicine in 1995 along with her husband, Myra completed her Family Practice residency at the University of Alabama, Huntsville, and successfully practiced Family Medicine in the Easley/Powdersville area for 11 years. In 2006, Myra stepped away from her work as a physician to homeschool her four children, Lucy (now 20), Thomas (17), Luke (15) and Matthew (11). While working as a full-time mom and teacher, Myra discovered her love of hiking, yoga, and walking her two beloved dogs, Theo and Opie — yet she never lost her passion for medicine and helping others improve their health.

Now Myra is excited to return to the practice of medicine and pursue her passion for holistic, evidence-based care through Functional Medicine. Functional Medicine is a unique approach to health that takes into consideration how different organ systems work together to maintain a healthy homeostasis. Functional Medicine provides an alternative to traditional medicine by looking beyond symptom-based treatment to an investigation of the root cause of illness.

Functional Medicine utilizes specialized (functional) lab work and testing not typically available in a traditional medicine format.

The Physician who went on a Healing Journey:

Myra’s passion for Functional Medicine began when she embarked on her own health journey over 17 years ago. With a family history of significant gastrointestinal health challenges, and her own symptoms of IBS and gluten intolerance, Myra explored everything from traditional medicine to diet based intervention, but found nothing that merged scientific evidence with a holistic approach — until she discovered the emerging field of Functional Medicine. Through Functional Medicine, Myra was able to resolve GI symptoms, balance hormonal fluctuation, increase energy levels, better prepare for a healthy future, and help do the same!

If you, too, are interested in seeking evidence-based, holistic care for auto-immune disease, gastrointestinal issues, brain health, hormonal balance, or any of the frustrations Myra has walked through in her own health journey, she would love to help you begin! Myra specializes in adrenal and hormonal assessment (utilizing the Dutch Test provided by Precision Analytical Inc.), gastrointestinal evaluation (various tests available), and organic acid analysis (provided by Genova Diagnostics).

What to Expect:

1.)  Dr. Phipps will research any Bloodwork or Tests results you have had prior to your visit.

2.) Dr. Phipps will meet with you during a new patient visit in which she will recommend further testing, and give her Medical opinion about your case. She will look at your current supplements, medicines and listen to your health history. 

3.) After each test result comes back you will have a follow up visit in which she will make recommendations for supplements, referrals she thinks would help, or medicines in certain cases.  She will also make lifestyle and diet recommendations catered to your test results. 

4.) You will troubleshoot with Dr. Phipps over a period of time in which you follow through with her functional medicine program both in person or by email.

What Makes Functional Medicine so Different?

1.) Hospital systems have to take extra time to implement cutting edge testing and even though certain tests may give you more answers they may not be on offer from your mainstream medical providers.

2.) You may have tried a supplement here or there from the drug store or from a health food store.  Our recommendations are catered to your specific testing results.  Our supplements are also only sold to healthcare providers so their potency and results are much more significant.

3.) Your whole person is taken into account.  We can’t count the times Dr. Phipps has taken a holistic approach and found hidden food allergies, more detailed blood test results that had gone missed, or a simple new lifestyle habit that changed a life.

To schedule your consultation with Dr. Phipps today, please call 864-448-2073 or email We look forward to hearing from you!