Holly is so excited to bring her love of therapeutic massage work to SC.  After graduating in 2011 with honors from Gwinnett College in GA (formerly Rising Spirit Institute) she honed her skills in the following techniques:

  • Swedish Massage
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Sports massage
  • Neuromuscular Therapy
  • Reflexology
  • Thai yoga stretching with Heath and Nicole Reed, Camden Clay, and Richard Gold.
  • Cupping with Anita Shannon of Ace Cupping
  • Lomi Lomi and Auth method with Carrie Rowell and Shari Auth
  • Lymphatic with Theresa Wilkes. 

This combination helped her keep her clientele of triathletes, tennis players, dancers, and lifters ready for their training and competition seasons.  She is also trained in oncology through the Society for Oncology Massage, prenatal, warm bamboo and pet massage to keep her fur babies active.


Common issues we treat with this diverse array of approaches.

-Hip Flexor Tendinitis

-Back Pain

-Neck Pain

-Rotator Cuff Pain

-Golfers Elbow

-Tennis Elbow



-Achilles Pain

-Plantar Fasciitis

-Muscle Spasm

-Pregnancy Massage


How is our Massage different than other Greenville Massage services?

1.)  We diagnose and treat your dysfunction.

Many massage therapy centers offer bargain deals for non specific Swedish spa massage.  While relaxing, this does not address the underlying causes of muscle and fascia dysfunction that are causing your pain. 

With our diverse array of techniques, you will get the same style of Massage therapy that elite athletes get at the highest level of competition.  Many times for instance, neck pain is caused by muscles in the underarm area such as the “Lat” or Latissimus Dorsi, or the “Pec” or Pectoralis. 

Without addressing these muscles away from your pain, you will only get short term relief from your massage.  

2.)  Catered specifically to you:

Many massage therapists do the same moves for your massage every single treatment.  To get them to focus on one area or analyze your sports or hobbies to find the root cause is not going to happen. 

At Mountain Movement Center in Greenville, SC, we combine a customized muscle examination called Muscle Mapping System, with a program of MyoFascial Therapy and Massage designed just for you. 

3.)  Your Massage will be combined with customized Chiropractic care if its indicated:

Our Doctors of Chiropractic are a unique blend of sports therapy and Chiropractors. 

When you combine that service with custom Massage Therapy, many tough cases get fixed. 

If your Chiropractor does your initial examination, then they will have a Grand Rounds meeting with your Massage Therapist to give them a game plan of action. 

4.) Very few Massage Therapists do MyoFascial Therapy:

This approach is so new and different it will change the way we treat injuries forever.

We now know that muscles are linked together in Kinetic Chains of motion.  Your fingers are linked to your shoulder blade, neck and jaw by interlinking webs of fascia.

Greenville has not seen this type of Massage Therapy to date, this is seen in larger metropolis cities and at high end Natural Health and Wellness centers.