Tyler is an Occupational Therapist from Greenville, SC.  He has over 14 years of experience with degrees from Brenau University. 

For most of his career he has been in Home Health care where he learned to treat patients with a minimalist mentality, developing programs using everyday items.  He has been trained in several forms of manual therapy including John Barnes Myofascial release or the Barnes Method, soft tissue mobilization, neuro developmental treatment and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation.  Tyler was also trained in the Day Method under the tutelage of Dr. Day and is excited to bring these unique Myofascial services to Greenville. 

With his years of experience in therapeutic exercise instruction as well as the unique ability Occupational Therapist have to break down movements and tasks to determine the root cause of dysfunction and deficit. Tyler shares in our beliefs of holistic treatment and helping you achieve your fullest potential by helping you achieve your goals whether they be reducing pain, increasing motion or returning to your favorite activities! 


Common issues we treat with this diverse array of approaches.

-Hip Flexor Tendinitis

-Back Pain

-Neck Pain

-Rotator Cuff Pain

-Golfers Elbow

-Tennis Elbow



-Achilles Pain

-Plantar Fasciitis

-Muscle Spasm

-Frozen Shoulder


How is our Muscle Therapy different than other Greenville  services?

1.)  We diagnose and treat your dysfunction.

Many Muscle Therapists offer bargain deals for non specific stretching or relaxation massage.  Often, this does not address the underlying causes of muscle and fascia dysfunction that are causing your pain. 

With our diverse array of techniques, you will get the same style of Muscle Therapy that elite athletes get at the highest level of competition.  Many times for instance, neck pain is caused by muscles in the underarm area such as the “Lat” or Latissimus Dorsi, or the “Pec” or Pectoralis. 

Without addressing these muscles away from your pain, you will only get short term relief from your massage.  

2.)  Catered specifically to you:

Many Therapists do the same moves or pressure points for every treatment.  To get them to focus on one area or analyze your sports or hobbies to find the root cause is not going to happen. 

At Mountain Movement Center in Greenville, SC, we combine a customized muscle examination called Muscle Mapping System, with a program of MyoFascial Therapy and Neural retraining designed just for you. 

3.)  Your Muscle therapy will be combined with customized Chiropractic care if its indicated:

Our Doctors of Chiropractic are a unique blend of sports therapy and Chiropractors. 

When you combine that service with custom MyoFascial, many tough cases get fixed. 

If your Chiropractor does your initial examination, then they will have a Grand Rounds meeting with your Massage Therapist to give them a game plan of action. 

4.) Very few OT’s, PT’s or Chiropractors do MyoFascial Therapy:

This approach is so new and different it will change the way we treat injuries forever.

We now know that muscles are linked together in Kinetic Chains of motion.  Your fingers are linked to your shoulder blade, neck and jaw by interlinking webs of fascia.

Greenville has not seen this type of Therapy to date, this is seen in larger metropolis cities and at high end Natural Health and Wellness centers.