Helping the Upstate Move Mountains in their Health and Life.

Are you looking for an alternative to traditional Chiropractic care that fully addresses your muscle pain, tension and analyzes your movement as well as aligns the body?

Our doctors have worked with the Pro Surfing Tour, the University of Southern California, Pro Golfers, and more collegiate and youth athletes than we can count!

But that doesn’t mean we only focus on competitive athletes.  We apply this Chiropractic + Muscle + Movement technique to everyone we see!  In doing that our pregnant mothers notice their adjustments hold longer,  our senior patients note they are back to moving in the hobbies and activities they love, and our kids and babies hit all of their developmental milestones!

Everyone deserves to be treated with a more comprehensive approach and that is what we offer!  Whether it’s myofascial therapy, tool based soft tissue release, stretching, muscle activation, or cranial work; when we combine these modalities with Chiropractic care so many patients finally find relief!



Treating your joints and spine through innovative chiropractic methods.



If your bones are the frame of your body, then muscles are the elastic tissues that hold the frame in their proper alignment.



Diet plays a vital role in your health and we offer customized restoration plans tailored to your needs to keep you in good health.


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