Mountain Movement Center exists to empower the community to not only move, but do so in a balanced way.

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Spinal Alignment
and Joint Alignment

Muscle Balance

A Daily Movement Routine
(Stretching, Strengthening,
and Stability)

Breathing and Oxygen intake

and Supplementation

Adequate Rest and Stress
Reduction Methods

A sense of awe and wonder
at our bodies self healing power

To move with freedom until our later years, and experience all life has to offer is each person’s birthright and what they were designed for.  It is our goal to be the facilitators

Pain can limit our entire quality of life, and it’s our job to be the very best at treating it naturally.  To be the best we have to look at the whole person.  We will analyze your diet, movement, posture and design a program catered to you.

We can’t achieve your entire health and wellness alone, so we feel strongly about having a tremendous referral network of Medical Doctors, Physical Therapists, Dentists, Yoga Therapists, Restaurants etc. to make sure you get all of the quality care that you need.

Nutrition, Stress, Physical Alignment, Spirituality and Fitness all work together to either reduce our creative movement capacity or increase it.  If we only look at one area, we are doing you a disservice.

We offer Nutrition and Movement workshops, and hands on researched based therapies such as Chiropractic, Myofascial Therapy, to empower the community to live a healthy life.


1.) SERVE: We will serve with free or low cost classes to local community centers, workplaces, and in our office about Natural Health.
We will serve every day in the office with absolute efficiency in getting patients well. We aim to be a pillar of the community and leave it a better, healthier place.

2.) INTEGRITY: In the modern healthcare world we aim to be absolutley transparent in our business dealings. Patients are the most apprehensive in history to get health care for fear of not being covered by there insurance. By being experts in the ever changing fields of insurance

3.) EXPERTISE: Our team will never stop learning, and advancing