Out of Pain and Moving Mountains!

It is our singular mission to help you move pain free in the hobbies, sports and tasks of daily living! Mountain Movement does this by applying a blend of Chiropractic, Myofascial Therapy, Rehabilitation and Nutrition like you’ve never seen before. Your pain is treatable and our systems and techniques can get you back to doing what you love.

Myofascial Therapy


Movement & Exercise


How It All Began

Dr. Day has founded the center with one mission.  To help you move better for life.  After working backstage with elite athletes, Dr. Day noticed these athletes were getting much more comprehensive care than the average person injured or in pain.  He set out to create a Holistic Center in Greenville that bridged that gap.

  • Many Chiropractors don’t do detailed work.  We seek to not “rush you through” or just do the same 5 adjustments.  We definitely won’t put you on a long term care plan. (Learn about our detailed Day Method and Chiropractic Care)
  • Our soft tissue/muscle care and analysis are second to none.  On your first visit we perform a detailed “muscle mapping” and Movement IQ score that clearly details a plan of Muscle, Fascia and Tendon issues. 
  • As an Adjunct to Physical Therapy, our Day Method Movement gives patients insight about dynamic motion they can do at home to prevent further issues.  We work alongside physical therapists, personal trainers and yoga/pilates therapists to provide expert joint and soft tissue care.
  • We get referrals from MD’s and hospitals often, because of our researched based care and level headed natural approach.  We want you to know what supplements, movements and treatments will help naturally.  But we also want to work with the whole team of healthcare.

A quick example:

A patient reports with back pain to a chiropractor.   The old school Chiropractic approach will isolate the cause to a joint issue.  We seek to map out the “cause” and work with a team to look at each interconnecting link to your pain: Muscle, Fascia, Movement, and Nutrition.

Our center delves deeper with our Movement IQ score and finds:

1.) An Inhibited or “turned off” scapula muscle opposite to your back pain. Causing compensation when you walk.

2.)A femur that internally rotates when you walk because of a tight groin muscle.

3.)When you go into “toe off” with walking on the side of your pain, you can’t, because of big toe mobility.

4.)You are also deficient in Vitamin D and your HDL cholesterol is low.

By looking at the Big Picture from your toe to your scapula, and creating a plan to fix the ENTIRE movement system, we get you better for good.

This is the Integrative approach to Pain and will get you better, faster.

We’re good at fixing Muscle Pain:

 Our center has 10 years of experience and over 30,000 cases behind us filled with successes of healing chronic pain, movement limitations, fatigue, weight issues and sports injury.  (See Rave Reviews)


Founded in March 2017 by Dr. Michael Day D.C. after practicing in California for 9 years. We aim to be a world class center that not only is amazing at treating, but also teaching.  We want to build a wellness culture of workshops, learning modules and classes. There is very little teamwork in healthcare currently.  We want to be the natural healthcare center and Chiropractic Physicians that Yoga therapists, PT’s, Acupuncturists, MD/DO’s, and Nurses feel they can trust with their referral. We want to tear down the stigmas and lack of trust a portion of the public currently has for the amazing profession of Chiropractic.  We will do this by being excellent every day with focused, driven, results based care.

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1.) SERVE: We will serve with free or low cost classes to local community centers, workplaces, and in our office about Natural Health.
We will serve every day in the office with absolute efficiency in getting patients well. We aim to be a pillar of the community and leave it a better, healthier place.

2.) INTEGRITY: In the modern healthcare world we aim to be absolutley transparent in our business dealings. Patients are the most apprehensive in history to get health care for fear of not being covered by there insurance. By being experts in the ever changing fields of insurance

3.) EXPERTISE: Our team will never stop learning, and advancing

Who This is For?

People who are tired of the same three adjustments every treatment.

Folks who want something more than being sent to a corner at a PT office to do their band work.

People who want to move great at 100 years old.

Folks who are looking for a more Integrated approach to their injury.

Folks who want a blended approach of the most cutting edge techniques such as Graston therapy, Myofascial Release, Fascia Treatment, Functional Movement, and Functional Medicine.

People who want to get out pain using natural approaches.