Dr. Michael Day is a Doctor of chiropractic, exercise physiologist, nutrition specialist and overall wellness advocate. Dr. Day has worked countless professional sporting events as the treating chiropractor in California and still sought out by active people of all ages now in Greenville, SC.

Does he only see athletes?  Absolutely not. His number one passion is helping ALL those who want to move well. Whether that is a child athlete or a retiree, his number one goal is blending soft tissue, joint and nutrition care to get you well. He is certified by the ICPA for pediatric and pregnancy Chiropractic and values that aspect of his practice immensely.

The main thing with any patient, young or old, is to keep your nervous system and movement system functioning at its full capacity.

1.) We do this in a unique way with a customized Chiropractic table that gently stretches the muscles and joints of the spine that patients rave about.  This technique is one of kind for Greenville and has helped some of the toughest cases of back pain.

2.) We also do this by addressing the “knots” or trigger points in muscles and muscle function using numerous Muscle Therapy techniques.  See our Muscle page here.

3.) Lastly we address the Movements that your body needs to heal.  Very few Chiropractors in the Greenville area teach Rehabilitation exercises and posture fixing exercises.  That is our specialty, teaching patient how to move and doing expert hands on therapy that helps them move their best!

4.)  An expert analysis is the key to a great treatment plan and freedom from pain.  Our center prides itself on a “functional exam” in which we analyze posture, walking or GAIT, muscle strength, spinal alignment

He has built a busy wellness practice in Greenville, SC by applying natural principles to every case he sees.  He believes when the the body is in alignment physically, nutritionally, hormonally, mentally and spiritually: vital health can be achieved.

What Makes Mountain Movement Center Different?

We address Muscle Balance, Movement patterns, Ergonomics, and Nutrition seamlessly in our treatments.

Not all Chiropractic Physicians address muscle balance and consider themselves MyoFascial experts, but our center is founded on it.  By healing fascia imbalance, or faulty muscle “programming” the joint issues often heal 10x faster. If Functional Medicine is incorporated, long term inflammation that is causing muscle or joint issues often spontaneously resolve.

Never having experienced natural medicine until he was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue and suffered from debilitating neck pain and migraines, he finally sought a chiropractor as a last resort after years of medical intervention. The relief he felt inspired him to change career paths and continue searching for answers for his health.

Now cured of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Disc Pain, and raising a young family he believes one of his purposes in life is helping as many people as possible realize their potential for vital health, including the next generation.

Seeing the benefits in his children, wife, patients and himself of regular chiropractic care and a natural diet, he realizes the public needs a new view on the possibilities for their health, and what a vital role chiropractic, balanced movement and good food and lifestyle choices play into that. He studied under some of the top sports and wellness doctors in the country and now brings those specialties into the room with every patient he works with.


Professional- Surfers- Paddleboarders- Skaters-Chiropractic

Professional Surfers, paddleboarders, and skaters

Dr. Day provided care as a treating doctor backstage at pro surfing, skating events.


Professional Golfers

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Amateur and professional athletes

These were some of the amateur and professional athletes that sought his specialty over the past 8 years in practice.

Dr. Day with 11x world champion Kelly Slater


Ironman Triathletes

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Marathon Clubs

Sole Runners, Cottonwood Runners


Boston Marathon Runners

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Youth Sports

SoCal Juniors

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Roller Derby

L.A. Derby Dolls


Outrigger Canoe

Kahakai Outrigger canoe clubs.

Because the Day Method is holistic and adapts to all bodies and ages, he was also on the referral list for


Beach Cities Midwifery

(treating pre and post natal mothers, providing the webster technique)
Learn about Webster here

Bradley Method Long Beach

(speaking on natural birthing, and treating mothers for pelvic and back pain, spinal and pelvis health for natural birth, and natural options for breech)

Yoga Therapists

because of his blend yoga stretch instruction and knowledge of the practice with his Chiropractic treatments. In communication with yoga teachers on patients limitation in order to help the client finally achieve a pose.
Click to learn about how in incorporates yoga into his practice

Medical Doctors

Dr. Day received referrals for neck and back pain that no one else could fix from this trusted medical center in Long beach, CA. He was also sought for rib pain, knee pain and his Restoration Plan when patients needed to safely and sustainably lose weight) See our Medical Testimonies here

Dentists: Local Dentists loved our work on TMJ and neck pain.

Trusted Attorneys: For the safe and efficient care of Motor Vehicle Accidents.



Neck pain and Headaches


Nerve Pain


Fatigue and Chronic Pain


Low Back and Pelvic Pain


Running Injuries


Sports Injuries


Shoulder Impingement and
Frozen shoulder


Pregnancy and Pediatric

Functional Nutrition and
Supplementation to help
with Chronic Issues


His food and nutrition program Restoration Plan became a big hit in his practice and helped numerous participants lose weight and get free from processed food and sugar addiction. Over 200 people have completed the program to date. It is now offered as a nutrition and lifestyle workshop here in Greenville.

Several patients lost more than 60 lbs and kept it off.

Dr. Day became a Doctor of Chiropractic after suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, degenerative disc diseaseand Migraines for many years.

He sought out a Chiropractor’s help as a last resort and the rest is history. During his time in the doctorate program at Los Angeles College of Chiropractic he spent time as an intern with the top sports and wellness doctors which honed his comprehensive approach he employs today.

He recieved help with soft tissue therapy, chiropractic, natural eating and supplementation. He now employs all of these approaches daily. Which is Unique with his Field.

His battle with chronic pain, and eventual healing lead to the passion he now has for the Greenville community. To make sure each person he comes in contact with realizes their optimal potential through Exercise, Diet, Muscle Therapy,and Chiropractic.

You don’t have to live pain or limitation, at Mountain Movement we treat tough cases and blend multiple disciplines to helpin the the most chronic pain.