Comprehensive Analysis With Personalized Treatment

This system was created over 10 years by Dr. Michael Day to integrate 3 key areas to helping people heal.

Day Method Chiropractic

A customized Chiropractic Experience.

Not all bodies are the same.  

A treatment for someone who’s been through a traumatic injury vs someone who is a powerlifter should look very different.  Some adverse to “cracking’ from their spine.


The Day Method has created “Levels of Adjustments” in order for you to get the highly specified care you need.  This is a revelation for those who’ve already tried Chiropractic with sub-optimal results or those apprehensive because of pain.


It’s also Dynamic, your body will be put in motion to heal.  Lying down only for treatment, your body is not able to integrate all of the signals of Movement that its designed for.  Our tables move side to side and downwards to move your body in specific directions.

Level 1 (Read More)

We get the release in the body and the joint to align by holding at the joint level until a release is felt.  

Influenced by several techniques like Logan Basic, Craniosacral, SOT and many more.  Sometimes the healing can happen with a very subtle therapy.

Who is this a good fit for? (drop down) infants and children, the elderly, anyone apprehensive, accidents and trauma and many more.

Level 2 (Read More)

These instruments allow motion and we have designed a method where we move the joint, actively, through it full range of motion.  Again, when you restore motion to a joint, nerves can fire back to the brain and then back out to the body in the way they were supposed to.

Who is this a good fit for?  Almost anyone!  But we have found those with athletic injuries, trauma (slips, falls, car accidents), those apprehensive about hearing a popping noise in their spine, senior citizens, those with hypermobile joints.

Level 3 (Read More)

Joints respond to motion, and so do muscles.  They recieve programming feedback constantly between the brain and spinal cord to give us our information about posture and movement.  They often get disrupted with modern desk posture, or repetitive motions in one direction in athletics. The body is so intelligent if you take it through the range of motion it was designed, all while stimulating the pattern with hands on care, amazing healing can happen.

Who is this a good fit for?  Almost anyone.  This dynamic treatment is the future of hands on care and is being used in multiple approaches such as A.R.T, FAKTR, M.R.T, P.N.F.  which are changing Physical Therapy and Chiropractic forever.

Level 4 (Read More)

A skilled adjustment can be one of the most powerful tools to reduce pain and improve function.  The problem is it is the only tool many chiropractors use. This is a very precise delivery of movement to a joint that is locked.

Day Method Muscle (Myofascial)

Muscles and joints work together with nerve signals to create motion.

At our center, by addressing muscle imbalance we find the Chiropractic joint care is much more effective.  If we don’t address the muscle imbalance the joint will often lock up again.

The Muscle Map

With specific tests and hands on palpation we will categorize your body’s imbalances into these 7 areas below. Muscle mapping will chart your course to the summit.

We now have a game plan of the different muscles that need released, the muscles that need strengthened and the fascia issues that need resolved.

Once the patient receives their “muscle map” they will now have a game plan to coincide with their

  1. Joint Listings, what joints we need to treat.
  2. Movement IQ score and plan for treatment.

Day Method Movement

You were designed in certain “patterns.” These patterns come together to form the complex movements of daily living (lifting, pushing, turning) and sport (push, pull, press, balance, squatting)

Since you were born, nerve signals were linking up with joints and muscles to allow you to do tummy time, then roll, then crawl etc.  The research shows that when we have poor posture, or have an injury, the sequencing of these patterns can become “turned off.” They don’t have to be turned off forever.

  1. Dr. Day has designed a progressive series of movements to fix injuries and “link” your body back together again. We have a fully functional “movement room” that allows you to work on your homework and learn movements to help you in life and sport.
  2. With the Movement IQ examination pain won’t be a mystery anymore.  We map out how you move, your posture, muscle strengths and weaknesses, and joint alignment. Overall you get a IQ score that will give you a goal for not only getting out of pain but getting to functional strength and mobility!

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