Our mission at Mountain Movement is to help you realize the gift of optimal and balanced movement for a healthy and long life.

Chiropractic has been shown to improve your sports performance, free you from back pain, and improve your nerve function and movement dramatically. No two cases are different and see are certified in a myriad of techniques to get you well.

The Chiropractic techniques we employ at Mountain Movement

The Day Method

A proprietary blend of soft tissue, chiropractic, and rehabilitation created by Dr. Michael Day D.C..


The best of every chiropractic technique under one “Diversified” approach.  Diversified involves hands on balancing of every joint of your body.

Flexion Distraction

Great for disc pain and low back pain.  The table drops down in order to allow the doctor to great a stretch in the muscles, joints and discs of the lumbar spine.


Using a spring action tool.  A gentle impulse is delivered to the injured joint or muscle.

This precise movement moves the joint that has been locked.  Very great research has been done on the activator for reducing back and neck pain.  This is an amazing option for those apprehensive of hearing an audible release during an adjustment.  It is also extremely useful in those who have suffered an acute injury.


Myofascial Release Technique is not a traditionally excluded to Chiropractic.  Dr. Day employs this technique to balance the muscles and tendons that can cause pain and dysfunction.  Combining soft tissue techniques with Chiropractic is unique in the field, and is why our clinic is called Mountain Movement Center.


The fascia of your cranium travels through the skull starting at each suture.  Cranial balancing is employed for tough cases of TMJ, Headaches, and Pediatric cases.

Low Force/Mobilization

Mobilizations are great for acute injuries, senior citizens, and those nervous about Chiropractic adjustments where an audible noise is heard. The joints is gently moved through it’s range of motion.

The Day Method

Alongside traditional Chiropractic, Dr. Michael Day createda proprietary method that he found got patients better, fasterat his practice in Southern California.

The Day Method combines all of the past methods of Traditional Chiropractic with a blend of numerous disciplines:  But most importantly it’s GENTLE.

The key to the day method is that is “Graded” to the needs and comfort level of the patient.  Dr. Day met enough patients over his 8 years in practice to realize not all patients are candidatesfor the audible noise adjustment, and adapted his careto fit all patient needs.

Those who are smaller in stature or who have just been through an acute injury would receive a much softer method of mobilizing the Nerve-Joint-Muscle communication.  As well, infants and pregnant mothers recieve an entirely different approach than an everyday patients.


 There are a lot of choices when it comes to choosing the practitioner that will assist you with muscle pain, natural health, and nutrition.

We Spend Time With You

Our treatment times adapt to the time you have and your budget.

We Are Holistic

We look to muscle treatment as an adjunct as well as exercise classes and one on one rehab instruction. Treating in this style is unique within the field.  Injuries are often linked to nutritional imbalances so we always take this into account and provide lifestyle, diet and supplement advice.

Top Professionals

We have  treated top professional atheltes and know what gets them well.
When we apply these elite level techniques to those who want to Move their best: They get better FASTER.  You will never be pressured into any long term plan or massive payment for care.

Trusted by Medical

See our rave review page for more about how our approach helps those with pain no one else could help.


The best of every chiropractic technique under one “Diversified” approach.  Diversified involves hands on balancing of every joint of your body.

Grade 2

Instrument assisted spinal and muscle adjustments and light ossciallation.

This level uses a spring action tool to apply a directed movement to a stuck spinal or extremity joint.  The movement signals new nerve signals between the joints, muscles and brain)


Grade 3: Mobilization

Adjustments are given that take the joint through it’s full ROM with no Audible crack.  A table called a flexion distraction table is often performed.  As the table drops the elongation of joints are given an overpressure by the doctor.  This mobilizes low back and midback joints gently.


With the Day Method Dr. Day was successful in changing patients away from Misconceptions about Chiropractic.  He had reservations about Chiropractic care at his first office visit in 2004 and it changed his life so much, he went on to chiropractic school.

Why Chiropractic:

Chiropractic is the number one natural health choice in the U.S. It has been shown in the research to help with:

Neck Pain


Athletes Performance:

Chiropractors are now employed on every NFL team,
the PGA tour and many NFL teams.