Chiropractic For Pregnancy And Motherhood

In Pregnancy, the alignment of the pelvis and hips are a very important area of your body! Chiropractic for pregnancy is adapted to your needs, and our Doctors have been trained in specifically caring for expectant mothers during all terms of pregnancy.
Dr. Day is ICPA certified in Webster, full spine and cranial. He is excited to bring Webster Technique to Greenville, SC


Dr. day with his family

It is our passion that you have a natural birth, where you are fully awake, aware, and empowered from this amazing moment in your life.

We have found Chiropractic, & Massage, to be an integral part of so many parts of pregnancy: stress management, pain management, strength, and better recovery. Modern life(sitting, stress, poor diet), and old injuries and imbalances can limit normal sacral, and pelvic motion which can lead increased muscle imbalance and pain during labor and delivery.

We go one step farther and align the muscle alongside the alignmen of the pelvic joints as taught in the ICPA Webster certification.


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Dr. Day was on the referral list in his previous practice for Pregnancy back and hip pain with some of the most well known midwifery clinics in Long Beach, CA.

Because of his experience with optimizing three pregnancies with his family and his training by the ICPA,  it has become a very fun and valued part of his practice.



Pubic bone pain

This is often caused by misalignment of the muscles and joints of the pelvis. Our techniques restore balance gently, so you can be pain free.


Back Pain and Hip Pain

The Sacroiliac joint, Lumbar joints, and Sacrotuberous ligament are where we place our focus, as well as flexibility of the hip muscles. Moms can get back to walking and moving with our care.


Rib Pain

Mothers to be often report lower rib pain. Chiropractic can be very helpful for relieving it.



We have had reports of successful VBAC’s under our care. Chiropractic can restore balance to the way the nerves of the pelvic floor, core and hips engage for greater strength and balance during delivery.


Optimizing Natural Birth

To have a successful birth takes endurance, strength, and a mind body connection. Our doctors not only optimally align you, but give you insight into imbalances that may limit your movement. Stretches, and movement will be prescribed so that you can get into the optimal positions for birthing power.


Dealing with stress

There can be so much emotion around the expectation of this life change. Chiropractic changes the way the nerves of the body perceive stress.



This is often caused by the SI joint, lumbar joints, lumbar or hip muscles, and we can help!


Breech Position

The Webster Technique has been shown to assist in achieving balance in the body that may assist with babies having a better chance of turning head down.

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The Webster Technique

It is theorized the balance and position of you pelvic joints and muscles control the balance of your nervous system firing to the most important “muscle” during pregnancy: the uterus. The WEBSTER Technique is designed to balance the pelvis alignment in order to have a pain free pregnancy, with optimal tone of of muscles, mobility of joints and ease of natural birth.
From the ICPA website:

“In regards to pregnant mothers, Dr. Webster reported that when a mother sought care and her baby was in a breech position, the restoration of pelvic neuro-biomechanics with this adjustment also frequently facilitated optimal fetal positioning. There are cases published in the chiropractic literature that support this theory. More research is needed and is currently underway by the ICPA.”

Dr. Day has helped countless Mothers achieve balance all terms of their pregnancy and best of all:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it gentle?

Yes, we never put you in a position that puts pressure or torsion on your belly.

How will I lay to get treated?

The table is specialized to “drop out” and allow the mother to lay reported a faster recovery of their pelvic floor muscles and hip muscles when they received care after their 2nd or 3rd baby compared to when they did not.

What if I’m not in pain, how can wellness care help?

Mothers often experience decreased pain during labor and decreased labor times, with a greater chance of natural birth with Chiropractic care.

Can I bring my kids to a treatment?

Absolutely.  We welcome moms to bring their children.  They are fascinated by the Chiropractic treatment and we have a kids play area. comfortably.  The drop out is right where the belly is allowing a mother to lie face down with ease.  Eventually we transition the treatment to side lying.

Will it help me recover quicker this time?

Mothers report an faster recovery time and easier natural birth. Dr. Day’s wife gave birth to an almost 10 lb. baby naturally!!  Many of our patients have

The Day Method

Alongside traditional Chiropractic, Dr. Michael Day createda proprietary method that he found got patients better, fasterat his practice in Southern California.

The Day Method combines all of the past methods of Traditional Chiropractic with a blend of numerous disciplines:  But most importantly it’s GENTLE.

The key to the day method is that is “Graded” to the needs and comfort level of the patient.  Dr. Day met enough patients over his 8 years in practice to realize not all patients are candidatesfor the audible noise adjustment, and adapted his careto fit all patient needs.

Those who are smaller in stature or who have just been through an acute injury would receive a much softer method of mobilizing the Nerve-Joint-Muscle communication.  As well, infants and pregnant mothers recieve an entirely different approach than an everyday patients.


 There are a lot of choices when it comes to choosing the practitioner that will assist you with muscle pain, natural health, and nutrition.

We Spend Time With You

Our treatment times adapt to the time you have and your budget.

We Are Holistic

We look to muscle treatment as an adjunct as well as exercise classes and one on one rehab instruction. Treating in this style is unique within the field.  Injuries are often linked to nutritional imbalances so we always take this into account and provide lifestyle, diet and supplement advice.

Top Professionals

We have  treated top professional atheltes and know what gets them well.
When we apply these elite level techniques to those who want to Move their best: They get better FASTER.  You will never be pressured into any long term plan or massive payment for care.

Trusted by Medical

See our rave review page for more about how our approach helps those with pain no one else could help.

With the Day Method Dr. Day was successful in changing patients away from Misconceptions about Chiropractic.  He had reservations about Chiropractic care at his first office visit in 2004 and it changed his life so much, he went on to chiropractic school.

Why Chiropractic:

Chiropractic is the number one natural health choice in the U.S. It has been shown in the research to help with:

Neck Pain


Athletes Performance:

Chiropractors are now employed on every NFL team,
the PGA tour and many NFL teams.