Soft Tissue or Muscle therapy:

We want you to get better faster, and stay that way we address the movers of the body: the muscles.  We employ some very unique techniques that Dr. Day was exposed to in his care of elite athletes. Much more specific than just “loosening” muscles.  Muscles need to be retrained neurologically and so we want to “re-educate” the muscle to move better. At our center we offer a proprietary method called the “Day Method” in which we gently help the a muscle “reboot”


Chiropractic has been shown in the research to be a tremendous therapy for neck pain. At Mountain Movement we offer different styles of chiropractic adjustments. Most people think of the adjustment where a audible noise is heard from the joint capsule making a poping sound. But sadly the public does not know there are many more methods! We use a instrument that specifically delivers motion to the joint and balances the joint capsule. This method is great when a trauma has taken place, with chronic injury, or with those apprehensive. We also employ mobililzation with movement, where we take your neck muscles and joints through the range of motion they are designed for in a gentle manner.  This helps break up scar tissue, restore joint integrity, and reduce muscle spasm.

Traction therapy:

We have very high tech tables that are designed to move your body through a range of motion, thereby opening up joints and muscles of the body that get stuck.


This flexible tape is placed on the body to mimic the muscle that is in need of therapy.  The body is so amazing, that when the skin receptors are stretched by the elastic tape they start to send new signals to the muscle.  This method is employed on every major sports team.

Breathing Analysis and Retraining:

The anatomy of breathing involves the diaghragm, core, rib joints, and muscles/fascia of the thoracic cage and neck.  Really breathing is a full body experience.  Within the day method we make sure that your breathing is functional and back to a normal rhythym with the right muscles activated. Low Back Pain is very often linked to upper chest breathing and poor utilization of the lower ribs and diaghragm to breathe.  In this dysfunctional pattern the individual will not get the adequate motion and develop trigger points in their QL muscle and have trouble firing their core.

Ergonomic and Stretch Instruction:

We want you to be empowered to keep aligned and moving better and to be able to do key maintenance on your own body. We have a rehabilitation area on site and will instruct you how to move better. We have special Rehab visits where you can work one on one with us to learn how to move your body better. Our Flow Movement Technique is a way to mimic the innate movement patterns you were designed for.  When you put your body through this barrage of movements, the nerve signals that have been dormant can re-awaken. We have treated thousands of cases and hope you will come consult with us.  Our progressive approach was honed over 10 years in practice and years of training with the top level experts in the field. We hope that you will come experience our progressive level of care in Greenville, SC.  We also offer Skype consults to help advise and direct those who need help, advice, and assistance finding a practitioner in their area.