Plantar Fascitis and Achilles Tendinitis:

We have a specific system at Mountain Movement for treating Plantar Fascitis and Achilles Tendinitis.The approaches we take are to look into the most overlooked causes of this condition.

Our method was forged over years of trial and error with the professional and novice athletes we have seen.   Once we understood how to fix athletes of these conditions we came to realize more people had this pain than we realized.

We have now applied this treatment to hundreds of cases with great success.

Your joints of your foot are numerous and necessary for a very dynamic series of motions involved with walking, running and balance.  Along the bottom of the foot is the Plantar fascia which are dense support structures to allow a spring loaded type mechanism to take place.   This spring loading allows the propulsion we need for walking and running and


Tool Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization:

There are several methods now for performing this.  We employ a tool with and without vibration.When you glide this stainless steel tool along the fascia you can clear up long term scar tissue and fascial adhesion that has developed.This might be the most useful therapy we have seen for chronic Plantar Fascitis and Achilles Tendinitis.

Chiropractic to the Foot and Ankle:

This is one of the least known but most useful tools for treating foot pain.  Every bone of your foot and ankle glide and roll on the next.  I like to think of them as shifting and rolling tectonic plates.  The shock and movement of one, causes movement in all of them.  With a condition like hyperpronation or “flat foot” the talus can loses it mobility to move superior. Applying motion in that direction wakes up dormant nerve signals in the intrinsic arch muscles.


This flexible tape is placed on the body to mimic the muscle that is in need of therapy.  The body is so amazing, that when the skin receptors are stretched by the elastic tape they start to send new signals to the muscle.  This method is employed on every major sports team.

Orthotic Fitting:

Getting a proper orthotic from your local podiatrist can be a very useful adjunct.  If one arch is dropped the support from an orthotic will provide the “break” the soft tissue needs from overworking.

We hope that you will come experience our progressive level of care in Greenville, SC.  We also offer Skype consults to help advise and direct those who need help, advice, and assistance finding a practitioner in their area.