This injury may be one of the most misunderstood injuries out there.

Golfers Elbow or “Medial Epicondylitis” is common in those who have to type for their job and those that work with their hands.

Over time the muscles that make up your forearm and whose action is to move the wrist and fingers originate at an elbow attachment.

If these bundles of muscles get overused long enough the muscle tissue and fascia can become wound tight.  This tightness creates a pulling force where the tendon of these muscles meets the bone.


If the force lasts long enough, chronic inflammation will set in.

A lot of therapies only focus on wear it is painful.  Injections at the site of pain, braces just below the area of pain, icing at the area of pain.

Even when muscle work is performed it is often only delivered to the painful area.

It is crucial for medial and lateral epicondylitis the entire muscle is addressed.

It’s never just a forearm issue.

With our holistic approach we address wrist function and shoulder and neck alignment.

One of the most common issues I see is scapular and rotator cuff weakness.  The grippping mechansim of our hand and elbow muscles work in concert with the shoulder in a spiral muscle firing pattern.

Weak muscles “above” will lead to excessive compensation in the forearm.

Our two therapies that are game changes.

– Tool Assisted soft tissue mobilization.  This tool glides along fascia and breaks up scar tissue.  This has solved more epicondylitis cases than I can count in our practice.

– Addressing shoulder and neck function. If the nerve function is not adequate above the “stress” will all be placed on the forearms for grabbing, lifting and pulling.

We hope you’ll come in a try our progressive approach to Epicondylitis.  We have worked with surgeons, dentists, manual laborers and professional athletes for golfer and tennis elbow and saved their careers.

Don’t put off care, it takes longer to fix the longer you let the issue go on!