Chiropractic and Muscle Therapy can be a huge help for Jaw Pain.

By addressing the balance of both the internal muscles of your TMJ and the external we can have great results.

Trigger point therapy can be incredibly useful for jaw pain and is a great adjunct and co-treatment with a dentist.

When jaw muscles get imbalanced they develop small “knots” or trigger points.  The internal pterygoid can get trigger points but they go unaddressed because this muscle inside your jaw!

By treating these muscles we can get the better jaw tracking and better mobilize the TMJ.

Aligning your occipital joint and C1 joint and suboccipitals can also be a game changer for TMD.  The muscles of your neck link with your jaw by muscle, fascia and nerve connections.  If you find a C1 imbalance you often find a TMJ imbalance and vice versa.

Percussion therapy using a specialized instrument that gives a gentle percussive massage is also a favorite of my TMJ patients.  The fascia and muscles of the temple and head get tight with longterm imbalance and this tool can “reboot” the tightness and give relief.

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