Knee Pain Symptoms:

The conservative care of knee pain is a great adjunct for those trying to stay active.

For 10 years our practitioners have treated knee pain.  We are experts at knee pain because we have worked with running teams, competitive triathletes, and rugby players for years.

We appy the principles that we have honed over countless athletes to your knee pain.

The biggest misconception people have about knee pain.

– Knee pain is only from arthritis:

Too many don’t realize the difference soft tissue therapy on the knee can have for daily quality of life.  The fascia and muscle insertions into the knee also have numerous of nerve endings that can cause pain.There is a time and place for orthopeadic intervention, but it is best to try conservative care first.

– Knee pain is only caused by where you feel it:

So many times during our detailed analysis of the knee we find that the arch of the foot or the hip muscles are not as stable as they need to be to support the knee.Pelvic misalignment is another very common cause of knee pain.  If one pelvis bone is rotated anterior and another posterior it creates a rotation stress on not just the pelvis but also the femur.  A rotated femur changes the way the joint hinges at the tibiofemoral joint or “knee joint.”

– Knee Pain just needs rest:

If you have myo-fascial scar adhesions you must get that area released by a trained practitioner to get your knee to full function again.

Common Causes of Knee Pain:

– Patellar tracking issues:

When the muscles of the lateral knee are excessively tight they will create an excessive pulling force on one side of the patella.  Causing undue stress on the patellar tendon as it relies on the knee cap gliding in it’s track.

– Fibular head mobility:

Lack of glide of the joint between the two lower leg bones effects the biomechanics of the knee.  This is often a culprit in lateral knee pain.

– Hip weakness: 

If the gluteas medius is weak the pelvis won’t remain level and the IT band will have to engage in excess to compensate.

– Knee loss of Joint Mobility:  

If you walk with your knee rotated in for years, or always swivel on one leg for a sport, you can guess that there will be patterns in the knee joint because of that repitition.  This will create a tightening pattern going one direction more than others in the joint.

– Loss of ankle joint mobility:


– Soft Tissue or Muscle therapy: Because we want you to get better faster, and stay that way we address the movers of the body: the muscles.  We employ some very unique techniques that Dr. Day was exposed to in his care of elite athletes. Much more specific than just “loosening” muscles.  Muscles need to be retrained neurologically and so we want to “re-educate” the muscle to move better.At our center we offer a proprietary method called the “Day Method” in which we gently help the a muscle “reboot”

– Chiropractic:

At Mountain Movement we offer different styles of chiropractic adjustments. Most people think of the adjustment where a audible noise is heard from the joint capsule making a poping sound.But sadly the public does not know there are many more methods!

In the knee the methods we employ is mobililzation with movement, where we take your knee and joint through the range of motion it is designed for in a gentle manner.  This helps break up scar tissue, restore joint integrity, and reduce muscle spasm. We use a instrument that specifically delivers motion to the joint and balances the joint capsule. 


This flexible tape is placed on the body to mimic the muscle that is in need of therapy.  The body is so amazing, that when the skin receptors are stretched by the elastic tape they start to send new signals to the muscle.  This method is employed on every major sports team.

Exercise Instruction:

Our Flow Method Technique will help your core and hip muscles engage the way they were designed in order to protect the knee.   Without a functioning movement system, the body will get wear and tear on the knee faster.We offer one on one Flow instruction and also offer it in conjuction with our hands on therapies.  It’s also offered in a group class setting.

We hope that you will come experience our progressive level of care in Greenville, SC.  We also offer Skype consults to help advise and direct those who need help, advice, and assistance finding a practitioner in their area.