We have a very Unique “Weight Loss” Program.  The key to our program that helps many is that we do not focus on actual weight loss.

If you have had trouble losing weight for a long time, then their is most likely an imbalance in your functional systems of your body.   Many struggle with inability to detoxify, digestive issues, and nutrient absorption or micronutrient imbalance.

Any number of causes can put the body in “survival mode.”  In this mode the nerves and hormones signal differently.   With cortisol, the main stress hormones pumping excessively into the bloodstream, weight loss can prove very difficult.


As well, many have never fully realized the freedom that can take place from eating and moving well until they experience our Restoration Plan.   It is supposed to be a joyful process to eat healthy and move more. 

Most plans let you know all the things you are eating that are bad, and also how poor of a job you have done at staying active.  The prime signal of your success is a number on a scale which is letting you know the only marker to your value as a human is a number.


Our all in one plan focuses on the motivation, inspiration, and mindset of eating more naturally.


When we focus on a scale and numbers, their is only one thing that is inevitable.  Eventually we will have a week where we don’t lose weight.  What follows is discouragement, and yo-yo dieting.

Dr. Michael Day went through addiction to processed foods for many years.  It was a means to cope with his Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and other health issues.  He was not of an ideal weight for many years, and felt horrible most of his days.  This state of hopelessness spurred him no a journey to find out “Why we get sick.” and “What is wrong with our culture that so many of us are sick.”

It wasn’t until he studied the Scientific fields of Homeostasis, Neuroplasticity, and neurotransmitters that he discovered the majority of his health was changeable, but that God had placed perfect systems in our body to heal.

The concepts of Natural Medicine of a “Self Healing Body, Gifted by God” changed his whole perspective.  Instead of looking for a magic pill, he decided to go on a journey.  That moment to moment he would learn, and shift, and become creative with his life. 

Every meal would become a tapestry unto God, even the simplest of snacks.  That he could take time to breathe more, write a gratitude list, and move in whatever capacity his body would allow him. 

He would pray often and know that new people and practitioners would emerge to help him.  The Spirit was the guide now.  He couldn’t rely any longer on just the mind’s of man to solve his incredibly complex issues.  This was as much about healing his heart as it was a number on a scale.

With new inspiration he was able to see the abundance of natural foods, the amazing gift of movement and sweet bliss found in rest.


In Restoration we say “Food is a Blessing and All Movement is Play”

When you bring your “Whole Life” under the blessed healing of God’s wonderful design of nature, the symbiotic beauty in which our systems intercommunicate, the Awe of life again, and the forgivenss of the past: That is healing.  Eventually weight loss and Restoration of Function, of energy, and the slow and sometimes rapid reduction of symptoms.

Weight Loss is the smoke of a life imbalanced.  Of hurts, of fears, of systems that are imbalanced often of no fault of your own.   Many looking for weight loss are beating themselves up and riddled with self judgement and guilt.  This is not that plan!  There are plenty of those out there that let you know all the bad foods, all of the bad actions that got you to where you are.


A Plan from the Heart, Not the Head.

We want this plan to be from the heart, you were sick and tired, only to awaken and radiate new life.  There is a liveliness that happens after we have been low, sick, tired.  A relief and excitement that can’t be felt until you’ve been sick only to be restored again.  A life that has been set free is on multiple levels, physical, mental and spiritual.

Detailed Guide:

The Guide and the Classes are meant to be the “Rails” to guide your new found creativity.  The plan comes with an over 50 page book that will guide you on your journey.  You will leave the three week program not just inspired and excited but with real and actionable new recipes, new foods that you love, and new stretches and breathing exercise to practice the rest of your life.


We want you to see the ease with which you can eat more natural foods.  We walk participants through the market and guide them at farmers markets on how food is a natural expression of joy in life.  We can share our healthy recipes in community with others.  Our renewed energy from life giving fuel, energizing to go love others with our talents and gifts.

We will go over the science and absolute amazingness of natural foods.  The wonder of what breathing does for our body.  Did you know that Broccoli activates over 100 DNA pathways?

That the fiber in an apple helps restore your internal microflora.   That your beneficial bacteria in your gut turn off pain, and produce neurotransmitters for your brain to function.

Healing and Detoxification:

Through stretching and movement classes your nervous system can ignite with new signals of balacne. With instructed breathing exercises you better understand how to enter into rest and peace at any moment of your day.  Herbal and botancial detoxification helps to clear toxins and heavy metals that may be holding back your health.  Gut healing involves using food and supplement nutrients to heal the digestive system that is often very overstressed in modern day.

Lifestyle Shift:

These lesson bring about deep learning that never leaves you.  Instead of being told what to do, we seek to teach you how to explore and learn for yourself.  A life lesson learned within your heart and mind is never forgotten.  Because of this we see far less cases of those that completely fall of the rails and don’t incorporate natural health concepts inspired by God for the rest of their life.