What is it?

Functional Medicine is a subspecialty of healthcare that deals with finding the root cause for your health issue and optimizing your organ systems for healthy aging.

Functional Medicine doctors receive specialized post-doctoral training to look deeper into issues that typical medical tests do not address.

Quality and not Quantity:

Functional Medicine doctors spend more time with you and work as a partner with you and as a health detective looking into root causes of your issue.

By running specific tests and listening to your story and performing an in-depth exam, their main job is finding issues that others have missed.   So many issues are rooted in another area of your body.   For instance, many issues of the digestive system can lead to fatigue, and issues with blood sugar or anemia can cause hormonal issues.

First, Do No Harm:

If your issue can be fixed with lifestyle, food and nutritional supplementation why not go with the treatment that is least likely to have side effects first?

Those who want to try a natural route often choose Functional Medicine doctors as a part of their team.

Functional and Nutritional Testing:

It is an exciting world out there with many new and researched tests to find issues with cellular and hormonal health. Sadly, the modern large hospital systems may not integrate a test for years. Functional Medicine is on the cutting edge of these tests for digestive health, detoxification capacity, hormone health, metabolism and inflammation.

Some of the tests we offer are from Genova, Dutch, GI mapping, and Diagnostechs.

A game plan for your Chronic issue:

So many are slipping through the cracks of health care and are stuck with confusing issues of fatigue, poor digestion, faulty hormones and many more.

Functional medicine changed the life of our team of doctors at Mountain Movement when all else had failed, and now we want to help those in need.

We have received training from the top in the field and want pass this knowledge on to those in the Upstate.

A great game plan for your healing journey with customized supplements, food changes and lifestyle adaptations are a huge part of keeping you on the path to healing.   We know that it can get overwhelming so by design a plan that fits your schedule and finances are our number one goal!

Michael Day D.C.

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