The methods we employ for Muscle balancing are second to none. This type of therapy is how we deliver even more Holistic work at Mountian Movement. In order for your injury to get better, we have to address the muscles, tendons and fascia of the body. They work with the joints, nerves and brain to create coordinated dynamic motion in the hobbies and sports we love.
When we combine these techniques with research based Chiropractic methods we get results in half the time.

The Day Method

Dr. Michael Day’s proprietary method of gently reprogram the muscles and joints of the body.  Many patients that have seen him were apprehensive about Chiropractic until they recieved this method.

The Movement Exam

Our detailed exam involves a postural analysis, analyzing the basic movements of the body (squatting/lunging/reaching overhead,  joint analysis, muscle mapping and a full report.


Percussive instrument helps reprogram tight fascia and trigger points.  The percussion is delivered by a specialized tool that is very comfortable and recieves rave reviews from patients.

Tool Based Soft Tissue Mobilization, TASTM, IASTM

A stainless steel tool is gently stroked along the skin to release hard to reach fascia of the elbow, wrist, ankle and plantar fascia.
This technique has become extremely popular with elite athletes for tough cases!

The Day Method

Alongside traditional Chiropractic, Dr. Michael Day created proprietary method that he found got patients better, faster at his practice in Southern California.

The Day Method combines all of the past methods of Traditional Chiropractic with a blend of numerous disciplines of Muscle Therapy, dynamic motion and nutrition:  But most importantly it’s GENTLE.

The key to the day method is that is “Graded” to the needs and comfort level of the patient.  Dr. Day met enough patients over his 8 years in practice to realize not all patients are candidates for the audible noise adjustment, and adapted his care to fit all patient needs.

Those who are smaller in stature or who have just been through an acute injury would receive a much softer method of mobilizing the Nerve-Joint-Muscle communication.  As well, infants and pregnant mothers receive an entirely different approach than an everyday patients.


Myofascial Release Technique

The Fascia is the dense covering over every muscle fiber, and tendon, connecting each muscle to the next. Often times fascia loses it’s malleable consistency and stiffens and even develops scar tissue. Myofascial therapy is an art form and is different from massage.

Therapeutic Massage

Licensed Massage Therapists delivering medical massage on the muscles that were analyzed and found dysfunctional in your Movement exam.

Trigger Point Therapy