MYO– Muscle, the contractile units that creates movement in the body.
Fascia– the connective tissue covering surrounding muscle and tendon and linking muscles together.

In order to find true freedom from an injury or pain you are dealing with the Muscle, Fascia, and Neurology of the injury must be taken into account.

When your nerves no longer signal the proper message to a muscle, eventually another muscle will have to take over to compensate for its loss of function.

When a muscle is overused or traumatized the cellular structure of the fascia, and the nerve component of the muscle can become dysfunctional.

Nerve sensors in the muscle can “learn” a dysfunctional pattern. This is caused by injury, poor postures, or compensations for other weakened muscles.

Myofascial Technique is then the analysis and treatment of these muscle and fascia dysfunctions.

Analysis:  A detailed exam is conducted using the “functional exam”  analyzing your posture, your daily ergonomics, ranges of motion of muscle, palpation of fascia and trigger points, and motion tests to isolate faults in the kinetic chain.

In layman’s terms we figure out what areas are not moving well and map them out for you.

An Example:  Back pain is plaguing many, but most do not realize the fascia of the Latissimus muscle could be a cause of your back pain.  Or that a contracted myofascia of the Hip Flexor in the front of the hip can lead ot back pain.


Anatomy based and dynamic would be the best way to describe myofascial release technique.  The muscle and fascia have a normal range of motion.  When we take the muscle through its designed range of motion while performing soft tissue release hands on,  we can change the scar tissue or “fibrous adhesion” and also the neural signal to muscle.

Very few Doctors of Chiropractors do this type of care at this level of specificity.    Some of them the most famous Chiropractors and Osteopaths in the world that our team was trained by.

These techniques were honed over 30,000 patients and Dr. Day is very excited to bring this approach to Greenville, SC.

Some of our other Muscle techniques we incorporate seamlessly with M.R.T.

– IASTM (click to learn more)

– Trigger Point Therapy (click to learn more)

– Percussion therapy (click to learn more)


– Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation

– With the Movement IQ we score your ability to move dynamically, creating a game plan of strengthening exercises, stretches, MRT, and Chiropractic to fix you.

Dr. Day was trained by some of the most sought after “Soft Tissue” specialists in the country.

He has served as a treating doctor with:

  • The pro surfing tour.
  • Kahakai outrigger paddlers
  • Socal Juniors volleyball team.
  • Long distance swimmers
  • Competitive prone and stand up paddlers.
  • Mix martial arts practitioners.
  • pro skateboarders.
  • LPGA golfers
  • Pro Marathon runners

in Greenville we have utilized Myofascial therapy, chiropractic and rehab with Furman and Bob Jones soccer players, professional marathon runners, professional Jiu Jitsu fighters, and competitive Cross Fit athletes.

See more about our Movement IQ system visit here:

Could the answer to your Chronic Pain be M.R.T?

We see many chronic pain cases that M.R.T is able to help.

-Migraine Headaches

-Frozen Shoulder

-Rotator Cuff Tendinitis

-Plantar Fasciitis and Achilles Tendinitis


-Low back Pain


-Carpal Tunnel

-Golfers and Tennis Elbow

-Chronic tension Headaches

-TMJ and TMD

Is you condition not listed here?

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This new approach to Muscle, Joint, Nerve and Fascia is changing the face of Musculoskeletal care.

Work by Thomas Myer, Stecco, Leon Chaitow, Craig Liebenson, Tim Brown, and many more has changed how we look at injury and pain.

No longer relying on MRI and xray alone, a detailed analysis of how your muscles are communicating and working together is the new frontier of mapping out and fix tough cases.

So many patients come to our center having a single diagnosis of “Arthritis” or a “disc issue” only to realize they also have an issue with the Fasica and muscle signalling of the hip flexor, pectorals and gluteals.

These interconnected pulleys of muscle and fascia do not have any imaging diagnostics to date and so it takes a trained practitioner using

-Movement analysis

-Posture anlaysis

-Soft Tissue palpation

-Gait and sports specific movement or video

We cannot express the number of times we have found the “hidden issue” that lead to the patient being pain free.

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 There are a lot of choices when it comes to choosing the practitioner that will assist you with muscle pain, natural health, and nutrition.

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Our treatment times adapt to the time you have and your budget.

We Are Holistic

We look to muscle treatment as an adjunct as well as exercise classes and one on one rehab instruction. Treating in this style is unique within the field.  Injuries are often linked to nutritional imbalances so we always take this into account and provide lifestyle, diet and supplement advice.

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We have  treated top professional atheltes and know what gets them well.
When we apply these elite level techniques to those who want to Move their best: They get better FASTER.  You will never be pressured into any long term plan or massive payment for care.

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