Fascial Release

Fascia has gained a lot of notoriety as of late as an area of the body that has been overlooked but is very important for overall health.

Fascia wraps ever muscle as a covering and it has now been shown to link one muscle to the next.  Fascia is made up of cells just like the rest of the body, but these types of cells are dedicated to giving the body a more “elastic” quality.

Fascia makes “train tracks” or “pathways” of connection on the body.  For your body to move the muscle must connect one to the next.  For a long time we thought that muscles fired in and contracted creating movement as the primary mechanism for human motion.  Now we know that the fascia “webbing” connects your calve muscle, to your hamstring, to your buttock muscles to your back.   This connection allow muscles to fire and react together.

This creates the more dynamic motions that humans can perform that were somewhat of a mystery.  We knew muscles alone couldn’t perform the ability to run or throw a ball, and now we know that the fascia in conjunction with the muscles, nerves and joints perform these amazing feats of movement.


The two greatest ways to analyze fascia:

  • Look at posture and movement
  • Palpate the body and find the movement restrictions.

We have treated fascia for 12 years so our ability to find and treat fascia issues is advanced.


Fascia is the missing link in many injuries.  Maybe you got muscle work done, or got an adjustment, but the fascia is also in need of treatment.


Fascia fixes more chronic injuries than almost any other approach we offer at the office.  Second only to fix muscle activation patterns.

The Chiropractic adjustment is amazing, but it can only hold once the fascia or “webbing” that interconnects with the joint is released.


 There are a lot of choices when it comes to choosing the practitioner that will assist you with muscle pain, natural health, and nutrition.

We Spend Time With You

Our treatment times adapt to the time you have and your budget.

We Are Holistic

We look to muscle treatment as an adjunct as well as exercise classes and one on one rehab instruction. Treating in this style is unique within the field.  Injuries are often linked to nutritional imbalances so we always take this into account and provide lifestyle, diet and supplement advice.

Top Professionals

We have  treated top professional atheltes and know what gets them well.
When we apply these elite level techniques to those who want to Move their best: They get better FASTER.  You will never be pressured into any long term plan or massive payment for care.

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