New Patient Chiropractic:

This proprietary exam maps out Muscle, Fascia, Joint and Tendon issues using Movement exams, orthopedic exams, and hands on examination.  Our specialty is getting to the root of issues and the true cause no matter how many doctor’s and specialists you’ve seen.

Note that for detailed cases, the majority of the visit is establishing the Muscle, Fascia and Joint patterns that have led to your pain. Treatment is not always guaranteed on the first visit because of this detailed examination.

Total time with Doctor: 30min. Please arrive early with paperwork all completed to receive your full time allotted.  Any imaging should be submitted 3 business days prior to your visit.

Dr. Tucker III promotional special:  $79
Dr. Day New Patient:  $120

New Patient Functional Medicine:

Dr. Day first visit minute New Patient: $300.
                                                ( Visit is prepaid for time needed.)

 Chiropractic + Muscle Therapy:

(15 minutes alotted time for therapy and adjustment)

Fascia therapy, trigger point therapy, and Muscle release to help your adjustment hold better.

A rare approach for Doctors of Chiropractic

Dr. Tucker III:  $60
Dr. Day:   $65

Chiropractic + Muscle + Movement Therapy:

                                                       (30 minutes time alotted)
              A unique blend of movement instruction, muscle and fascia therapy and Chiropractic.
Dr. Tucker III: $120
Dr. Day: $130

Follow Up Functional Medicine:

Check Up: $75
Follow Up: $150
One hour detailed visit: $300


Insurance Coverage

We are a PPO Insurance Provider:

We are experts and will discuss your Deductible, Copay, and Coverage free of charge.
Our commitment during this insurance crisis, is to help you get the health care you need with zero confusion!

Call for a Free Benefits Check! (864) 448-2073

Things to take into account.  Our treatments are more detailed than most Chiropractors becaue of our immense training with the top sports luminarires of our field.  We provide fascia therapy, muscle therapy and movement instruction which are often not covered by insurance.  But we still seek to help you get the most from your insurance, FSA, HSA, and help you navigate your deductibles!

and many more!

Have an HRA or HSA card.  You can use it at our Center!

Cash Prices

We want to adapt to your time availability and budget. Therefore we tiered our treatment options for more in depth pricing in a graded scale.

Our attention to detail is unrivaled. We have simple maintenance visits all the way to 30 minute, very detailed visits. We do this because many come to our center on their last rope.  Because of multiple certifications in exercise instruction and muscle therapy, this allows us the time to deliver our unique approaches.

That being said, many just want a routine adjustment after they are on the mend.  So we offer that service as well.

$45  – Day Method Spinal Alignment

$65 – 15 minute Myofascial Release and Muscle Reset with Spinal & Extremity Alignment (Day Method + Chiropractic)

$130- 30 minute Myofascial and Muscle Reset, Spinal Alignment, and Flow Movement technique instruction.  (Hands on Day Method and Chiropractic and also rehab instruction)

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