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It’s our goal to give you one of the most comprehensive and informative exams you’ve ever experienced at Mountain Movement.

Many know after a Chiropractic visit that they are out of alignment, but we aim to go one step farther and let you know WHY this problem started.  This Movement IQ and Muscle Mapping exam encompasses multiple approaches and disciplines that Dr. Day has added to the exam over his 30,000 patients treated.

New School Chiropractic and Muscle Care

Beyond Joint Alignment issues, new science points to Movement Patterns and Biomechanics as the new frontier of fixing body pain.

Cutting Edge and Holistic Examination

You will be taken through a customized series of Movements, and the sequencing of your muscles and joints will be analyzed.  With your customized score and the “map” we now have we can highly customize your treatment!

The era of the same 5 Chiropractic adjustments and hop off the table is over. 

You may need light mobilization on your neck from an accident, and fascia work on your TMJ to fix the problem.  Your breathing patterns could be off and diaphragm rehab could be in order.

You are unique and your treatment and game plan needs to just as unique!

No matter what Doctor you see at our center, you can know they have been trained extensively on the sciences of Movement, Chiropractic, Soft tissue/Muscle Care and Nutrition.


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What Does it Cost?



Treating your joints and spine through innovative chiropractic methods.



If your bones are the frame of your body, then muscles are the elastic tissues that hold the frame in their proper alignment.



Diet plays a vital role in your health and we offer customized restoration plans tailored to your needs to keep you in good health.