Our Doctors are just Different…..

By learning on the sports field we have honed our Chiropractic Degrees to also include advanced Muscle analysis, and Muscle and Fascia Release.

But it just keeps getting better….

We want you to learn why you are in pain, and what are simple stretches to do to get better.  We will analyze your movements, posture, and sport specific patterns and get to the root cause.

We have advanced degrees in athletic training and exercise physiology, and so you are getting a multi specialty doctor when you see us.

Everyone deserves to move better…

We could have just worked with elite athletes but both doctors feel lead to help even the toughest cases, and being fathers to also treat pre and post natal and pediatric as well.

Our specialized knowledge on movement, and fascia help kids develop well, and move well!

$79 to see doctor Tucker?   What more is there to say?

Dr. Tucker is still offering his introductory pricing, so contact us in the box below to get more info on getting in and finally moving pain free again.





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    We call ourselves Mountain Movement because we have seen so many patients overcome tough things in their life.  With our advice, and 10 different muscle and Chiropractic techniques, before they know it they have reached the summit.

    As of writing this, we saw 10 Collegiate Athletes off just this year pain free and ready to compete!

    We have also worked on the:


    • Pro surfing Tour
    • The AVP tour
    • With Pro Triathletes
    • The University of South Carolina
    • Professional Open water Paddlers
    • Boston Marathoners

    You may have a tough case, but drop us a line and I we know we can solve it with all we have learned working with Elite athletes.

      But that’s not what all we do!

      We have honed our Fascia and Neuro Based Muscle Release called Neurocellular Reset to treat Moms and Babies too!


      Pediatric Cases We See:

      -Birth Traumas


      -developmental delays

      -slips and falls.










      Prenatal Therapy:

      -Preganancy Hip Pain

      -Pregnancy Neuralgia, Sciatica, Carpal Tunnel

      -Sharp Rib Pain

      -Pregnancy Pubic Bone Pain




      Is your case unique and your still not sure?  Reach out to us and we will give you detailed answers on how we will approach your issue. 

        Most Chiropractors Don’t Treat Extremities and that’s yet another thing that makes us unique:

        But with our sports medicine background that is one of the main things we are sought out for!

        By addressing muscle patterns in the shoulder, elbow or wrist, and diagnosing scar tissue, fascial adhesion and poor movement patterns, we are set apart in Greenville with our approach.

        Could we really be that different?  Yes. 


        Our hands on approach was honed by some of the best in the world in California and U.S.C.


        Dont’ take our word for it.  Check out our Google Reviews and take note they lack any stock verbiage and reviews by REALLY satisfied people, who really got results, not just a quick back crack.


        How do we do it?  By addressing the fascia damaage or muscle pattern and retraining it through ranges of motion up and down the kinetic chain.

        In other words if you are well researched, we do all the cool techniques from Podcasts and Blogs that are at the cutting edge of sports medicine. 

        -Tool Based soft tissue release

        -Dynamic stretching tables.

        -Active Release

        -FAKTR technique.


        -Trigger point.

        Dr. Day with 11x champion Kelly Slater.