Rib and Mid Back Pain can be one of the more scary back conditions.

This pain often refers to the sides of the body and even to the front of the chest.  The can be very anxiety producing for a patient as they are not sure if it is a heart condition.

We have seen many patients referred to us by their general practitioner who after a barrage of tests still had anterior of front of the chest pain.

After a series of visits they were able to get 100% well!

Another common symptom is Extremely sharp back and rib pain.

This can be one of the most painful symptoms we see in practice.  Patients often have trouble getting a deep breath without pain, and often report to the Emergency room first only to get negative scans.

Soft Tissue and Chiropractic care can allow the alignment of the rib and reduce the local spasm in the rib area.

These symptoms come on often after just a sneeze or a cough, and are very painful!

Dull Aching Shoulder Blade pain is another common symptom we see.

So many in modern society have to spend there day leaning forward with their arms in front of their body for work.  This can lead to changes in the mobility of the spine and stress on certain muscles.

Our solutions at Mountain Movement Center.

A detailed is necessary to diagnose the true cause of your midback or rib pain.  We will look to the scapular muscles and their balance as this is a common culprit.

A tightened pectoral major or minor is also a very common cause rotating the scapula into protraction and moving it superior(upward) from true alignment.

The midspine often loses it’s extension or rotation mobility at the joints of the spine because of prolonged forward flexion over computers, desks and phones.

The excessive forward head position of bad posture can be a culprit as well.

The key to midspine and rib pain is there is an answer for you!  We have helped so many that had all but given up because the sharp and aching pain would not go away.

Our proprietary soft tissue and joint balancing techniques will get you well again.

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