Shoulder Pain:

Some common shoulder pain issues we treat here at Mountain Movement Center are:

– Frozen Shoulder
– Aching shoulder with certain positions.
– Sharp pain when lifting the arm.
– Shoulder Tendinitis
– Loss of Range of Motion effecting a sport
– Shoulder impingement.

Just as with every case at our Center we take a Holistic look at why you have shoulder pain. The shoulder is never isolated and your pain is most likely linked to multiple imbalances.

For instance, the cervical spine and its function are very interrelated to shoulder function. If the joints of the lower neck are not moving properly then the shoulder will not be able to fire the muscles properly to raise the arm etc.The scapula, its position, and the muscles that control scapular motion are one of the most important structures related to shoulder pain.The triangular structure that is the “shoulder blade” is also the same bone that forms the socket for your arm bone or humerus.You can guess that if the scapula is in the wrong position than the shoulder joint will be shifted to the wrong alignment.Poor alignment of the shoulder joint causes certain muscles to get overtaxed causing impingement, tendinitis, and joint tightness.

This joint is one of the most intricate joints in the body.  Since it is not a weight bearing joint, it heavily relies on the stablity of the muscles around it.   At our center we will analyze your muscle balance and look at the forearm, hand, thoracic spine.

A free 15 minute consult to see if you are a candidate for our care.

This is one of our specialties at Mountain Movement because Dr. Day treated athletes that are prone to shoulder injury for 10 years.

– Outrigger paddling teams.
– Professional SUP paddlers
– Profesional Surfers
– Volleyball players.

Our proprietary blend of soft tissue therapy, muscle therapy, and joint mobilzation for the shoulder joints and scapula have been a life saver for many.

Another quick example of a common shoulder pain cause.  Most of us spend too much time putting our spine in flexion in modern life.  This forward bend creates a pattern to the brain of muscles and joints stuck in flexion.

A whole week of work and then we try to do an overhead press at the gym, but our spine doesn’t have the mobility it needs to keep the shoulder in alignment.  The movement is now done in front of the plane of motion it needs to be in.  Putting undue stress on the suprasinatus muscle for instance.  At our center one of our prime exams is ability to reach overhead and the extenstion mobility of the thoracic spine.

Analyzing the whole you, including your movements is an important part of our “musculoskeletal detective work” we pride ourselves on.

We hope that you will come experience our progressive level of care in Greenville, SC.  We also offer Skype consults to help advise and direct those who need help, advice, and assistance finding a practitioner in their area.